Saturday, October 9, 2010

     This picture have been taken while i'm waiting a bus to go to Dean's Ceremony at Putrajaya Marriot Hotel. for me it was a days that full of happiness and joyful between my friends and I.
thanks to my Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Bangi that give the honoured to me to be with people that have a successful in their study as me. hopefully this semester I will can get the best result again in my final exams.
     May Allah S.W.T give his Bless to me and fulfil all my prayer not only succedd in my study but also succeed in my life. we must believe all the livelihood that Allah given to us.InsyaAllah  as long as we always thankfull  to Allah and remember Him, Allah S.W.T would never forget about us. It because all the achievement and successfull  that we own today not coming from us but it come from Allah S.W.T. Only Allah S.W.T  can fulfil all  our dreams... AMIN.

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