Saturday, October 9, 2010

     This picture have been taken while i'm waiting a bus to go to Dean's Ceremony at Putrajaya Marriot Hotel. for me it was a days that full of happiness and joyful between my friends and I.
thanks to my Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Bangi that give the honoured to me to be with people that have a successful in their study as me. hopefully this semester I will can get the best result again in my final exams.
     May Allah S.W.T give his Bless to me and fulfil all my prayer not only succedd in my study but also succeed in my life. we must believe all the livelihood that Allah given to us.InsyaAllah  as long as we always thankfull  to Allah and remember Him, Allah S.W.T would never forget about us. It because all the achievement and successfull  that we own today not coming from us but it come from Allah S.W.T. Only Allah S.W.T  can fulfil all  our dreams... AMIN.

My personal opinion on PPT 254 subject & the advantages of learning PPT254 for the future...

     My personal opinion on the subject Ppt254, the contents in this subject it not only easy to be understood, even this subject can also provide the useful information about the  introduction to internet e-commerce to the student especially it can give advantage to business management student due to this subject is more focusing on how the way  business can be workable through modern technology which uses the electronic commerce to buy and selling goods, services and information.The impact of EC is not just in the creation of Web-Based Businesses but it was the building of new industrial order. The delivery of knowledge from this subject is fairly simple to be understood by each student and information that conveyed will be easy learning for the student.  they can learn this subject using the theoretical training from the introduction of e-commerce book and practical training that carried out under the computer laboratory.
     The advantages that I can get from learning this interactive subject, I can get many knowledge and information about on how to use the Electronic Commerce (EC) technologies to conduct  business, especially on how can I manage the marketplaces of the business and how I want to trade my product using this e-commerce technologies. Hopefully in the future I will able use all of this knowledge of e-commerce to make sure the business that I want to build will become successful, more recognize in the regional and global customer and it will give higher confidence to myself to become the successful businessswoman.

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Shania Twain - You're Still The One (Live 2003)
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[MV] CN Blue - Love
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my favourite movie ever...                                                        My beautiful pink stargazer lily
                                                                                                represent wealth & prosperity

My Sweet Potato couple                                                       Hmmm....sedapnyer!!! one of my
   "Yong & Hyun"                                                                   favourite foods...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Photo or graphic design related to E-commerce

Scuba Travel Ventures

Travel agency e-commerce

The internet is the new travel agency
More than half of the U.S. travel industry’s 2007 transactions will be online, says a new report.
by Helen Leggatt

Burst Media’s new report is based on the responses of 2,100 web-users aged 18 and over, who planned to travel in the next three months. Results showed that 79 percent would be using the internet to plan their traveling and for 47 percent it would be their primary travel resource.

Households with higher-than-average incomes are more likely to plan their travels online, with 63 percent of households with incomes exceeding $100,000 a year saying the internet would be their primary travel resource.

As well as purchasing tickets online (74 percent) and making hotel reservations (73 percent) web-users would also research destinations (60 percent) and 29 percent would research the travel agencies.

The 55+ age group are online planners, concludes the report, with 41 percent using the internet, not a far cry from the 53 percent of the younger 25 – 34 age group.

Online travel planning is so popular that for some, says Burst Media, booking travel and accommodation offline is something many have never experienced, and many would not know how to