Wednesday, June 15, 2011

          wah, its been a while since i'm updated my own blog...its not i'm not have a time to updated a new story about me but maybe i'm to busy with my facebook (fb). today is my birthday...i'm already old....consider my age become 28 this year....huhu!!!.. never mind as long my heart never been old , age it just a number. even though i was very happy today but I still very upset to some people that i can consider call as my best friends... last night I really hope there will wish me a happy birthday after 12 midnight...but they never did it and only two people that consider as my classmate and friends wishing me a happy birthday.. I really thanks to them at least even though they are not my chingu but they still remember my precious day.... 
           today I really want to speak up my mind...deep down  inside in my heart there is upset, hurt feeling and unhappiness as a person called unnie to them.... I don't know why sometimes when i'm with them I always seen like i'm the outsider to them...there always argue about being hurt feeling to each other..but there do not realize the person that always feel very upset to them is me...I never forget about their birth day... but this year they forgot about my birthday.... pity to me!!!.........huhu

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